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Saturday, April 01, 2006 

Yet Another Indian Food Blog!

Why Am I Blogging?

At last... my food blog is up and running! I have been thinking of having one for many months but just couldn't get around to doing it. I'm really feeling important writing this post, gives me the feeling as if a veteran cook is writing the preface/introduction to her soon-to-be-published cook book :)!!!

There are so many recipes to try out and cook. Even if I set a target of trying out one a day, how long will it take before I have that feeling - Yes, I've tried out everything possible?! Never I guess...as cooking is also a creative art - slight variations can result in some amazing tastes!

The endless food websites, blogs, books continue to amaze me. I am no expert cook myself (that's what I think) but I definitely intend to become one some day. I want to try out everything. I guess this blogging phenomenon has embraced me quite late and there are hundreds of blogs around on Indian cooking…this blog is an attempt to document all of what I dished out, so that I myself can keep track of what I did and I haven't – a log book to keep me accountable for my culinary adventures! Hence, Memoirs From My Kitchen….

My culinary adventures started only after I got married 3 and a half years back. Within that frame I would have cooked say for around a year and a half. That's it.

Now, that I have time on hand, I want to utilize this time to the best and have that "self gratifying" feeling of being able to cook well. Another reason, I have a year and a half old baby - when she grows up, I don't want her to say that her mom wasn't a good cook (Now that’s not funny!). My husband who works for the merchant navy sails on ship for most part of the year and is not around with us. A food lover with a good appetite, it is for his love of food too that I am going to start this blog. Use the time when he is not here to try out recipes, master them to perfection and turn out one palatable meal after the other when he is here and get loads of compliments!

This sudden interest on what happens in the kitchen has evolved quite late and hence this urge to find out background information on everything - the why, how, what and when. I hope this blog turns out to be an interactive one where guidance/suggestions/answers from those who love to cook and stop by at my blog would clear the 101 questions and doubts I always get when I cook!

Even though I might have cooked a particular dish a few times, but I still tend to refer back to the recipe in case I haven't missed out on anything! And I'm never sure if it will turn out to be the same, bad or better than the last time! I guess the day when I'm able to rustle up a meal without having to refer to a recipe - that will be the D-day! ‘C’mon”, my mum would say, “ there is just one basic method to make gravy items and one basic way to make dry sabjis.” Not to my opinion, when I browse through recipes on the web or through books and magazines - why then, are there so many variations, differences in the order of putting the ingredients, different recipes and methods of making gravy and dry items? It sure does make life for a 'learner' like me complicated!!

Born a Punjabi, having lived for most part of my life in West Bengal, having pursued my studies from Bangalore and Mumbai and now back to living in Bangalore, married to a Bihari….I’m sure that there will be shades of various state cuisines in my culinary experiences!

No...I don't loathe cooking, but I guess I am just not quite efficient in the kitchen and tend to fumble, bumble around. I hope that my journey through this blog will surely turn out a competent and confident cook – Shilpi at the end of it!

Thanks for stopping by and taking sparing a few moments to read. Hope to see you around again!

Noteworthy: I must acknowledge and say thanks to my friend
SN, who ‘christened’ my blog!


Just found your blog. Will you be posting any of your recipes. Would love to read about your progress.

Good Luck.


Love your recipes....tried one of the above paneer dishes n it had this awesome earthy flavor...yum!!! Keep it up!

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